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Exo performance satin black C8 Corvette in front of Florida building.

Exo Performance was founded, by the owner with 18 years of experience in the performance industry. His unique expertise and experience positioned this Florida based business to quickly become what it is today, one of the leading aftermarket tuning, fabrication, and multi-service performance shops in the state.

We have grown with the mindset of operating in excellence and bringing one of a kind projects to life. This has been achieved by an unrelenting pursuit of perfecting our craft, and always growing and developing new solutions. Years later, we are proud of our reputation for offering unparalleled service in a wide array of options and custom project builds.

It takes a unique business to provide greatness in so many areas and we're always excited about what will be driving out next.

New features of EXO PERFORMANCE are coming soon...


Exo Performance mural on the wall in the Exo Performance Dyno shop. C6 metallic blue limited edition corvette on dyno.
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